Electrical Hazards: Overloading and Overheating Outlets

Monday, March 20th, 2017

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Here is some important electrical safety information from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

Electrical systems are designed to carry electricity safely throughout our homes. Overloading an electrical circuit by plugging in too many electrical items draws more electricity through the system than it was designed to carry. This can create overheating and result in fire.

Avoid overloading:

  • If fuses frequently blow or circuits frequently trip, this is a sign the system is overloaded.
  • Always use the correctly rated fuse. For example, don’t use a 30 amp fuse to replace an existing 15 amp fuse.
  • Using multi-outlet extension cords can lead to plugging too many items into a single circuit.
  • Avoid overloading circuits. Fuses that frequently blow or circuit breakers that trip can be a sign of overloading on the circuit.
  • When replacing outlets contact a licensed electrical contractor if you are uncertain of the load rating for your home’s wiring.

Damaged or deteriorated wires can present shock or fire hazard and are signs you should be concerned with your home’s electrical system.

Avoid potential hazards by:

  • Watching for dim or flickering lights, which can be a sign of a loose connection in a lighting circuit, fixture, or your electrical service.
  • Check for overheated plugs or outlets which can indicate overloading or possibly faulty electrical wiring or equipment.
  • Remember, if you have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets they should be tested monthly, as per manufacturer’s instructions, to ensure they are operating properly.

Thanks to the TSSA for this information.

Source : DaveCorner.ca

Information that is being provide is for Educational Purpose, Any electric work that is needing to be done, should be done by a Licensed Electrician.

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