Don’t break the bank this fall and winter

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

(NC) If you could save money this fall and winter with just a few simple solutions, you would – wouldn’t you? It’s impossible to know what the colder seasons will bring this year, but instead of waiting to find out, prepare yourself now with an easy, do-it-yourself project: home weatherization. Follow these few quick fixes to ready your home – and keep your heating bill down in the cooler months ahead.

• Winterize windows: With so many edges and gaps, windows are a prime spot for energy loss. For an inexpensive fix, use a plastic window film to keep the cold air out. Crystal-clear Duck brand Roll-On Window Kits come with a pre-taped top edge for easy installation, and they’re easy to remove. When the warm weather returns, simply pull them off.

Avoid door draft:. Cracks and gaps around doors can let cold air in and warm air out. To block out the winter wind, install an insulating door seal made of rubber or foam. For interior doors, one solution is the Double Draft Seal from Duck brand, which has a patent-pending design that hugs the door from both sides for two levels of protection against drafts. For interior or exterior doors, try the brand’s Triple Draft Seal. Its inner seal helps retain room temperature, an outer seal blocks drafts and bottom fins help keep out moisture and water. For the perimeter of the door, use a seal made of heavy-duty EPDM rubber – these won’t freeze or crack in extremely cold temperatures.

Look for hidden air leaks: Electrical sockets and light switches can be an unexpected source of drafts through walls. Install flame retardant, Duck brand Socket Sealers behind socket and switch covers to keep cold air out.

Check your outdoors: Don’t forget to make sure you backyard is also prepared. Cover patio furniture to prevent rust, store the grill in the garage if you can and make sure you have plenty of shovels and salt for when the snow falls.

With a simple weatherization approach, you can stay warm and save on your heating bill when fall and winter roll in. More information is available at


Information that is being provide is for Educational Purpose, Any electric work that is needing to be done, should be done by a Licensed Electrician.

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