Aluminum Wiring in your Home ? Now what is your next move

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

You have purchased your home and upgrading your light fixtures

You notice that your home has Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is still considered safe, unless and until homeowners change lights or plugs and use the wrong fixtures.

Hire a Qualified Electrical Contractor experienced in repairing aluminum wiring to do a thorough inspection of the electrical system,

even if the insurance company does not request one.

Wurch Electric has worked with many Insurance Company on Aluminum Wiring

Making sure that everything is safe

Contact Wurch Electric if you have any symptoms of this including receptacle discoloration,
flickering lights, the smell of hot plastic insulation and sometimes an electrical-induced static noise on the radio and/or television.

Follow the link to E-mail Wurch Electric

Information that is being provide is for Educational Purpose, Any electric work that is needing to be done, should be done by a Licensed Electrician.

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